The Three Layer Model

Dress right for outdoor activities


The three layer Model 

-NEXT TO SKIN. This layer will keep the body dry. Allso called layer 1.
-ISULATION or layer 2, which is also called. The task of tying the air to warm the body.
-WEATHER PROTECTION layer should protect you from wind and rain. Windstopper or Gore-Tex are two good examples.


Function, form, and layer upon layer. It is expert's best clothing tips. But also during normal exercise training it would be wise to invest in good clothes - that keeps you dry, warm and lets you stay out longer.


Functional underwear
Start by acquiring a pair of underpants or panties and sports bra - all of 100 percent polyester.


- Polyester not binds moisture without carrying it out through the garment. This allows you to keep you dry and warm.


Many make the mistake of using regular underwear in cotton. Then it does not matter if you have a base of polyester outside - the cotton absorbs moisture and cool you down quickly. It is in this case better to skip underpants or panties, and just have a body near the base.
Even socks should be of polyester.


- Buy two pairs prefer thinner socks than a couple of thicker. This gives you a warm layer-on-layer effect and can also adapt to the temperature outside.


Underwear polyester
A warm base, that is, a tight undershirt and a kind of long underwear in polyester, is a must in every wardrobe skiers.


- For best effect should the underwear sit really tight. The risk otherwise is that the moisture is not carried out, but attaches itself as a cold cap on the skin.

Depending on how cold you are and how much it blows out, you can choose to have anunderwear with windbreaks.


- Sometimes it is sufficient to a conventional underwear shirt complemented with a underwear / Trosa with shelters that protect the life, "said Jonas Peterson.

Wind protective outerwear
Outside of the site builds you up to a layer two of the garments that create insulation and extra warmth when it's really cold. Micro Fleece is an option, even in this 100 percent polyester for moisture to get the shipment to continue out of the garments.

  No matter how many layers you have on you, it is important that the clothes are not too loose.


The jacket and pants if you are frozen by you or if you frequently travel in the wind, should also have a windshield.


- There are several good jackets and pants with a wind-protective fabrics produced, and elastic fabrics with less wind back. Then protect the front side against the wind while the back carries out moisture.


Warm hat and gloves
Keeping warm bud is important in the track, although it may seem sweaty with hat. PARIETAL blood vessels that lack the heat retention function of the rest of the body has. Therefore, priority head when it is cold outside, and the rest of the body may freeze. It is true as they say - that the heat "disappear" through the head. In order to regulate the heat and sweat, both hat and gloves have a base of polyester.


- Is it really cold, you can run the dual hats and gloves, says Jonas Peterson. A layer closest to the skin of polyester, and a thicker layer outside.


Sunglasses or not?
Sunglasses in the track is a taste issue. Some think that sweat and heat allows them to mist again - to others, they are a must.



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The Three Layer Model

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