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Nero Hybrid Boat

Imagine that ride over the water at 100 km/h sitting in a glass cockpit with sprung seats.



Submerge 150

A new 150 ft, multi-functional concept catamaran.



Strand Craft 122

A fast luxury yacht with supercar and garage.



Brandaris Q52

Winner of a ShowBoats Design Awards 2010!



Boat Shows

Forthcoming Boat Shows 2014



Nordhavn 86

This ship is the ultimate ocean crossing offshore passagemaker.



Pershing 90

Pershing is China's favourite Italian shipyard. And the 90" is a favorite.



Azimut 103S

This exciting new project was the creative concept of Stefano Righini and the Azimut Design Team, who have combined their talents to design a prestigious sports yacht where the focus would be on freedom.



Princess V85

The new generation. Prinsecc V85.



Sunseeker Predator 108

High Performance without sacrificing luxury and style.




In a Hamburg shipyard well shielded from the public, something big is being built...




Vision & passion or the secret of Wallymania.