Modify Buying Behavior.

Today's buying behavior is a ticking time bomb


Is it really "pay gap" that makes many people exhausted when they lose their jobs, become long-term sick or otherwise unable to raise the income they once had? 

I just need to go to myself and look of my acquaintance how it looks. These include low income to high income earners and all have a common cause. 


Spend The Money You Do not Have.


So it is. Regardless of salary so they buy things with money they have not, add up all their finances after the revenue of today. There will be new plasma TV, new mobile phone very often, all TV channels that you can get, new car, vacation to paradise, new computer ... the list goes on and you may recognize yourself in this pattern. 

They buy All of this with money they don't have, their costs increase and rising steadily. Add to that the newly purchased property right or a villa at a cost which they do not have to repay, have 90% loans or more, with a really tight budget. Thay could handle it now but what happen if... All believe they are secure in their jobs, become unemployed will never happen to them. 

Guess What! 

These are new times in the offing and the labor market will be tougher. What will happen when interest rates go up? It is not if it's gong up it's when. 

Those who today have a really tight budget will never pass an interest rates of 4%, or even even more on their homes. Add to that all consumer loans for the "must have" the latest gadgets. 

Most of them have unfortunately learned to deal with the money they dont have, it's like that all our growth has occurred in the last 20-30 years. Growth through the banks create money by issuing loans, which will then be paid back with interest. 

Add to that a possible unemployment, and they are totally in trubble. 


The Solution: Modify Buying behavior 


It is not a "wage gap", it's about how everyone spends their money, or rather they spend the money they don't have. 

Think about personal finance began to be taught in schools in the same way as how to put a budget and calculate interest charges on loans, which you obviously have to take. 

I also think that most people could start saving, if they were paying yourself first. You can start with 1% of their disposable income, accustomed to the reduction, increase by 1% ... within 1 year, the vast majority have learned to keep away 10% or more of their disposable income. 

Why not teach, train, in how to create small extra income in their spare time? Yes, it is actually possible. 500 - 1000 $ / month extra is not difficult to create if you really take the time necessary, are willing to learn a few simple things and not give up. 

Have you learned to create an extra income of a couple hundred dollars, you can create a couple hundred dollars extra each month. 



Modify Buying Behavior.

Today's buying behavior is a ticking time bomb



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