Aspen - The most exclusive ski resort

Situated in the central parts of eastern Colorado, approximately 100 miles east of Denver. You will find the most exclusive ski resort in the United States.



Aspen is the most exclusive ski resort in the United States. It is situated in the central parts of eastern Colorado, approximately 100 miles east of Denver. Although fairly well hidden in the mountains, Aspen provides excellent skiing opportunities as well as high-end accommodation, eating and shopping. The resort has been a favourite getaway for American celebrities for many years.


Aspen has a population of about 6,000 people but many people commute to work in the town from nearby communities. The per capita income in Aspen is among the highest in the United States and this is reflected in the services offered. Downtown Aspen is largely a shopping and dining district with exclusive restaurants and shops. Brands such as Dior, Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are represented with their own boutiques.


Aspen was founded in 1879 during the Colorado silver rush and in the early 1890s it was the most productive silver mining district in all of the United States. The town got its name from the abundance of aspen trees in the area. After a long period of recession due to decreased mining activity the Aspen Skiing Corporation was founded in 1946. The town was quickly established as a well-known resort.


The skiing in Aspen takes place in four different systems: Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Snowmass is the most diverse and offers something for everyone. Aspen Mountain is more challenging and offers a great view of Aspen town. Aspen Highlands is the preferred area among locals, offering extreme backcountry skiing and breathtaking views.


Buttermilk is very family friendly but also offers some parks for those interested in aerial acrobatics. Aspen has hosted the ESPN Winter X-games several times and is also home to world-class snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and Chris Davenport, known as one of the world’s leading freeskiers.


Aspen and its surroundings offer a haven for many international celebrities. Beyonce Knowles recorded some of her B’Day album in Aspen and Mariah Carey has a tradition of spending her Chistmas holidays in the town. A number of actors and actresses are also part-time Aspen residents, including Kevin Costner, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson.


One of the most exclusive hotels in Aspen is the Hotel Jerome, which was established in 1889. In addition to its heritage of excellence Hotel Jerome offers top-modern accommodation and services, including ski-slope transfers via chauffeur-driven luxury SUV. 



Aspen Ski Resort - Famous Celebrities, Skiing and Ohhhh...the Nightlife
By: Ron Rougeaux


Skiing in Aspen is a skiers heaven for every skill level. From beginners to intermediate to professional... you'll love the skiing here. Check out the skiing in any one of four mountains depending on your skill level and spirit of adventure. Aspen has a free shuttle service to get you between the four mountains. You'll can also get a skiing equipment transfer between all four mountains. You can pay your attendant to have your equipment at the designated mountain the next day.


The four mountains are: Buttermilk...suitable for beginners. The Aspen highlands... suitable for intermediate skiers. Professionals (black diamond types) can have fantastic skiing on the Aspen Mountains or the Highlands. Snowmass is the fourth mountain.


Just a beginner? Buttermilk Mountain will give you what you need. Novices can have a run on the Reds Rover, Then progress to Blue Grouse and other slopes for increased difficulty. They can also try certain stretches of the highlands...like Exhibition and Red onion. Skiers who are better than beginners are but not experts (intermediate), can ride the cable car to the top of Aspen Mountain and can go down smooth slopes in areas like Dipsy Doodle and Pussy Foot.

Another alternative for where to ski in Aspen for the intermediate level is at the Copper Bowl. This is a popular skiing route and tends to get overcrowded. Buttermilk also holds some interesting twists and turns for the intermediate skilled skier. The good slopes here are Cliff House and Tiehack chair. Tiehack chair is not easy as it looks and can give you great practice for the more difficult slopes.


The highlands area also offers great skiing for the intermediate level skiers. Cloud Nine and Thunder Bowl are the better slopes in that area. The Highlands have tough slopes for experts like Loge Peak...where you can ski down a series of slopes on both sides of the ridge. These areas require good balance and attempt them only if you are confident and black diamond ski level or higher.


So, that gives you an idea what what type of slopes Aspen has available. But what about the company who operates the skiing in Aspen? Actually...it's the Aspen Skiing Company. There are many skiing resorts in the world but many people say no one can beat the Aspen/Snowmass ski areas operated by the Aspen Skiing Company. It is not so much the great snow and skiing experience and the accompanying nightlife and off slope activities. No, it's more the endeavor of the Aspen Skiing Company to bring down greenhouse gas emissions as part of its climate change policy that has brought this company in the limelight.


The fundamental principle from this company is not so much the profitability aspect, but more the concern in maintaining the environment of the Aspen area mountains. The Aspen Skiing Company is guided by the desire to eliminate pollution and create a stable climate to ensure people in the area stay healthy. These efforts have earned them the Cleaner and Greener Certificate.


In keeping with their objective, this company has implemented energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. It uses bio-diesel fuel. Also, as part of its electricity requirement, much is met through renewable sources. Protecting the environment is at the core of its business policy.


Energy-efficient alternatives are being provided by Aspen Skiing Company for all items requiring electricity...such as refrigerators and computers. Fuel usage is being minimized by providing free shuttles for transporting people to the ski sites. Using wind power and recycling fluorescent bulbs are some other measures being undertaken. Global warming has taken its toll on ski resorts by melting the snow resulting in huge losses to the industry. Aspen Skiing Company uses 45 million gallons of water for snowmaking. To reduce consumption of water they have resorted to better systems for snowmaking. This at an expense of over $10 million dollars.




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Aspen - The most exclusive ski resort

Situated in the central parts of eastern Colorado, approximately 100 miles east of Denver. You will find the most exclusive ski resort in the United States.




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