Hummer Hx

With the tough attitude and cheeky details to challenge, the new Hummer Hx is truly a cool supercar.


Three design students were commissioned to create a "baby Hummer", to attract young people and directly challenge the classic Jeep Wrangler. It was a compact SUV with variable roof and flexible loading facilities.

Hummer HX to attract younger audiences and the tough attitude and cheeky details to challenge, classic Jeep Wrangler.


It is called the Hummer HX and is built in a copy, but if Detroit audience reacts positively, GM is ready to bring it into production. Hummers brand is very strong, and brand management sees a large need after a model of the size of the H3.

In short, to develop a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler.

The driving position borrows details from the flight, and this is the opportunity to connect the phone and mp3 player to the built-in amplifier. Trim is made to withstand moisture.


General Motors had three fresh design students take on the task of creating a new, smaller Hummer that will appeal to a younger and environmentally conscious audience in all countries.
They had a specific set of measurements to build, but otherwise it was wide open for the imagination. Hummers core values would obviously be at the center: offroad capability, the powerful radiation and the characteristic front.


Both doors and closers screens can be easily fitted out for maximum transparency while driving in tough terrain.


All three were created its proposal, which, however, was based joint discussions on the main lines. After three months of work with computer drawings and clay models got Hummers CEO Martin Walsh, GM's design chief Ed Welburn and GM's Development Bob Lutz said his, and the design of the Concept Hummer HX nailed.

It was a car that is shorter and lower than the H3, but as wide and by 7 cm wider track width. That means it gives a very "earth" impression, especially in combination with its very short overhang. It resembles a slightly enlarged Jeep Wrangler.

To make the HX appealing to a younger audience bet the young designers in an opening in several parts, which can also be arranged so the car gives the feeling of a real convertible. It can also function as a pickup or Sports Utility Truck - SUT - in the style of the concept-Hummer that was on the Chicago Salon of 2004.

The roof can be varied in several ways, and HX can also run with open convertible feeling.

More special: both doors and the outer part of the splash screens are removable so that the car can be a stripper to a fully open "Dune Buggy". In challenging terrain, it can also be an advantage to have the wheels fully visible.

For, like their big brother Hummer HX is a true SUV, with low gear and barrier diff on both front and rear axle. Stabilizers on the front axle is electrically removable for optimal maneuverability guide in the country.

On the dashboard is also a wheel angle indicator plugged into when running on low gear. A rearward camera can display behind the current terrain on a screen in front of the driver.
HX is built on a stable beam frame and both front and rear wheels are separately suspended.


The engine is a 3.6-liter V6: a powered by E85 ethanol. The effect is 304 hp and maximum torque of 370 nm. The gearbox is a six level machine.

HX rolls on 20-inch wheels with 35-inch tires and ground clearance is 32 cm. Max land free level 61 cm.

If the Hummer HX goes into production, it will likely be based on a different platform than the H3, "said Martin Walsh to Automotive News. It is initially designed to meet all global requirements, and the idea is to talk to buyers in many countries outside the United States.
Hummer sold today in 37 countries, and the next in line for the introduction says the Japanese market, where it launches in the spring of H3.




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Hummer Hx

With the tough attitude and cheeky details to challenge, the new Hummer Hx is truly a cool supercar.



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