SIMRAD NSS plotter and broadband radar.

Finally, it has now launched a new navigation plotter that feels contemporary. It is the Simrad NSS



Simrad Yachting is one of the leading manufacturers of marine electronics. The range of products provided by Simrad Yachting to the leisure market includes navigation systems, marine VHF radios, plotters, echosounders, radars, fish finders and other supportive marine electronics equipment.


Willy Simonsen established Simrad in 1947 as a manufacturer of marine radio equipment. For more than 60 years Simrad has produced robust and innovative marine technology systems and maintained a reputation as a high quality producer. Simrad Yachting was separated from Simrad’s professional branch in 2005 and the following year it merged with Lowrance Inc. to form the Navico Group, which is now the largest producer of leisure marine electronics in the world.



The new SIMRAD NSS plotter


Simrad NSS had its world premiere in March. We have tried the new navigator with third generation broadband radar for a couple of short trips. New Simrad NSS can be really good, even for us recreational boat owners. The key features are the keys. Rest is handled via touch screen. Easy and fast to work with, it reminds how the iPhone working.


Simrad's new series NSS makes Simrad interesting again for us recreational boat owners. Simrad has historically been relatively expensive and regarded as cumbersome in menu management. In addition, lost his footing Simrad almost totally for about four years ago. Their navigators were hanging in no way involved in the development, they were both slow, cumbersome and lacked innovation. Competitors came from. So it was especially exciting to be part of the premiere of the new NSS. Simrad is now regarded as a dangerous challenger to incumbent Garmin.


Being able to poke and press your finger on a navigation screen is nothing new. On the other hand to pull your finger across the screen and make things happen is relatively new. To Simrad eyes on iPhone is pretty obvious. This makes it relatively easy to understand how to use it to lay out a route, name it, make adjustments and so on. Holding the finger for a moment on the screen, it will produce a menu. Holding the finger on the icon of the radar's various settings (gain, rain and sea clutter) you can then adjust them by turning on your finger. The same adjustment can be made using the rotary knob. However, you can not zoom in or out by pulling your fingers apart or pull them together. To zoom you use the hard keys "in" or "out" or preferably rotary switch.

There is also a finger as to adjust the radar bearing ruler, EBL and VRM range rings. These can also be operated by rotary switch if preferred.

Cleared away a lot of buttons

In the new NSS Simrad has cleared away a lot of buttons, but retained the key features. It is good and has made the Navigator much more user friendly.


Another great feature is that the cursor alongside the nautical chart and the radar picture. This means that there are no good arguments left why to use the radar overlay. With the radar image on one side and nautical chart on the other, one can put the cursor on a radar echo, and when you see the cursor position on the chart image. This function works even though the radar image and chart image has different scales. 


In the navigator's main menu are different symbols, or "apps" for example, sonar, navigation, radar, video, or how you want the picture presented. A press one of these with your finger and you get out what you have chosen.


Simrad new NSS can be integrated with all Simrad other sensors and instruments through the network Simnet. This means that NSS is ready for radar, sonar, AIS, videos, engine instruments and autopilots and more. The autopilot can be controlled from the Navigator. Exchange rate adjustments made by keeping your finger pressed on the screen or by turning the key.


Performance is reported to be 30% better in the third generation of broadband radar, 3G. Reportedly, it is both long sides and weak echoes at close range that is amplified. It is already in production and will be buying for summer.


When I navigate by radar in the dark or fog is usually the radar screen to take about 2 / 3 of claims and chart image 1 / 3. Then I check on my area of ​​the chart image, while the radar usually get a large enough image area for safe navigation. Unfortunately, the shift is not doing at present but the monitor can only be divided into two equal parts. Simrad has said it will be corrected shortly.



Simrad has a strong owner

Simrad is owned, as well as Lowrance and B & G by Navico, headquartered in Holland. Navico is fully owned by Swedish private equity firm Altor. Altor formed Navico and provided the company with a hefty coffers. With that and the people behind who knows how to build businesses which will then be an IPO bought up Navico Simrad, B & G, Lowrance, Eagle, Navman and Northstar. From these diverse companies and brands have since picked the best and now launches Simrad NSS.




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SIMRAD NSS plotter and broadband radar.

Finally, it has now launched a new navigation plotter that feels contemporary. It is the Simrad NSS



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