Happy Life

How to live the happy life - According to Dalai Lama.


The meaning of life.

I am convinced that the very meaning of our lives is that we should strive for happiness. It is clear. Either you are religious or not, and what religion you belong to, so people are looking something better in life. I believe that the whole business of life is towards happiness.


"Happiness is determined more by the state of mind than by external events."


Our sense of satisfaction is strongly influenced by our tendency to compare. When we compare our current situation with our past and will continue until we have the better we feel happy.

We can increase or decrease our sense of being satisfied with their lives by changing perspective. This gives a clear indication of how important the role of mental attitude plays to live happy.
Being satisfied with what you have is an easy way to achieve happiness.

If we use our favorable circumstances, such as good health or wealth, in a positive way by helping others, they can help us to achieve a happier life.


"As long as you lack the internal discipline that provides peace of mind, the external assets and conditions, how good they are, never give the sense of joy and happiness that we seek."

The right choice

Every day we face numerous decisions and choices. To confront these choices with the question: What makes me happiest is, in many cases simplify decision.


Life Sentence

For that our lives will be of value, I think we need to develop basic good human qualities - warmth, kindness, compassion. It then makes our life meaningful and peaceful - happier.

The first step in the pursuit of happiness is to learn. We must first learn how negative emotions and actions are harmful to us and how positive emotions help us. This insight strengthens our resolve to confront and overcome them. 


If you want to overcome the feeling of isolation and loneliness in your life, I believe that the underlying attitude plays a huge role. I think people have a tendency to expect that the first to react positively to them instead of himself taking the initiative in creating the possibility.

"Understand people's background"

"Face value of compassion, and then cultivate it."


The relationship is an important part of the happy life.

First of all we must realize that there are different types of relationships and understand the difference between them. Some friendly relations based on wealth, power or position. In the cases continue the friendship as long as wealth, power or position remains. When the foundations no longer exists will also friendship will disappear.

If it is about relationship, it is often very helpful to simply consider and reflect upon the foundation of the relationship terms.

Relations as very much based on the immediate sexual attraction is very unreliable, very unstable, because it largely based on transient phenomenon. "Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to the beat relational encounters problems. In that type of relationship individuals related to each other as objects rather than as individuals. A relationship based principally on the sexual attraction is like a house built on a foundation of ice. As soon as the ice melts appears the house together.

In other types of relationships, there is an underlying appreciation of the other individuals based on the feeling that he or she is good, friendly and warm, and we have respect and esteem for him or her. A relationship built on this becomes stronger and nutrient use efficiency.
"It recalls Mark Twain words that 'no man or woman really knows what true love is until they have been married a quarter of a century' ..."


Compassion value

Compassion can be broadly defined as a state of mind that is peaceful, non-harmful and non-aggressive. It is a spiritual attitude that is based on a desire of others to be released from their suffering and linked with a sense of commitment, responsibility and respect for the other.

"If you stick to a sense of compassion, of heat, so anything automatically opens your internal door. Through this you communicate more easily with other people. And this feeling of warmth creates a kind of openness. You discover that all people are just like you, and so you can easily get a relationship with them.

Gaining a new perspective

See things in new perspective are a key to your happy life.

One of the most effective tool we have to deal with everyday problems is the ability to change perspective.

In order to be completely successful in efforts to pursue love and compassion, it is inevitable to exercise patience and tolerance. Therefore, setbacks seen as a prerequisite to exercise patience. Instead of something negative.

To Convert Suffering

In our daily lives is inevitable problems. Instead of avoiding your suffering / problems, you should confront it directly. Then, you have more opportunity to evaluate what and how big your problem is.

Our approach to the suffering becomes very important after which it can affect how we deal with the pain when it comes.

All are unhappy because they think they are the world's center.


To Overcoming Obstacles

"Often people want to change their lives in a positive direction, get healthier habits, and so on. But often there seems to be a kind of sloth or laziness to implement it. While this is largely due to that we simply get used to doing things in a wise manner. And become like spoiled to do only what we love to do. This can be overcome through the use of force of habit to our advantage. By constantly repeat a behavior, we can definitely establish new patterns of behavior.

When change comes slowly, it is easy to lose heart. Then it may help to stop and try to see the problem or hurdle in the longer term.

The Dalai Lama's road to change covers to urge the "determination and enthusiasm." This is accepted by modern Western research as an important factor to achieve a particular goal. In one project examined biographical data for some of America's most successful artists, athletes and scientists. They discovered that the energy and determination rather than great natural talent had led to their achievements in their respective areas.

The real secret behind the happiness lies in the determination, effort and time.


This is some basic advices about how to live a happy life.




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