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South Africa offers some of the worlds most spectacular and exclusive safaris.



The Republic of South Africa offers some of the worlds most spectacular and exclusive safaris. There is an abundance of national parks, peace parks, provincial parks and private reserves. South Africa is one of only 17 countries on Earth to be rated megadiverse and more specifically it is considered the 6th most biodiverse country on the planet.


South Africa covers an area of more than 1.2 million square kilometres and presents a very varied landscape. In the northwest, in the South African part of the Namib area, there is an extreme desert climate, while the southeast region has a lush subtropical climate. The population is generally concentrated along the coast, with the major exception of Johannesburg and its surrounding areas. Overall the population density varies greatly throughout the country and large areas are very sparsely populated.


The most well known and internationally recognized of South Africa’s game reserves is Kruger National Park. Situated in the northeast of the country and bordering Zimbabwe as well as Mozambique, this is South Africa’s largest conservation area, with an area of almost 19,000 square kilometres. The park has grown gradually since its establishment by Paul Kruger, a local head of administration, in 1898. Kruger National Park is home to all of the big five African game animals: lions, African elephants, African buffalo, rhinoceros and leopards.


Many companies operate safari tours and offer accommodation in South Africa’s wildlife parks. One of them is Singita, perhaps the most exclusive safari experience in all of Africa. Singita means “place of miracles” and the company is now in its third generation of family ownership and management. The distinguishing feature of Singita is the balance between hospitality, conservation and community. The company has undertaken a number of measures for the prosperity and social upliftment of the local communities on its properties and in surrounding areas.


Singita provides lodging in two separate areas in eastern South Africa. The three original founding lodges are located in the Sabi Sand Reserve, known as the world’s best leopard viewing area. Two more lodges are found in the remote unexploited parts of Kruger National Park, where lions are a particularly common sight. The Ebony and Boulders lodges in Sabi Sands have twelve exclusive suites each, while Castleton Camp provides a secluded stay for companies of up to twelve people in a charming farmhouse. Singita’s two lodges in Kruger National Park combine an exclusive contemporary design with some of the park’s most stunning landscapes.